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About the breeds

All our puppies are hypo allergenic, so that means no dander, no shedding. There hair falls out like human hair. They grow from 8 to 15 pounds.The Coton's have nice fluffy straight hair, where the Havanese has more of a lovely curley silk smooth hair. They live anywhere from 15 years plus. The Coton De Tulears have a fading gene. So there original puppy colors of black or brown can fade into a cream or gray color. Cotons de tulears come from wonderful place of Madagascar. The Havanese were brought from spain to cuba. They are good with all ages from babies to grandparents. They are the most loyal dogs making them greatest companion animals.  They become your best friend soon as you pet them! They have great temperaments, and are easy to train. They do best for potty training with a doggy door, but can easily be trained to use a door/ sliding glass door.  Their fun and loving animals and will never regret having them in your home :)

For more information about Havanese

For more information about Coton De Tulears​

Coton De Tulear 101​

This is a fun short video about the lovely Coton De Tulear breed. Enjoy and be prepared to fall in love with one of the best dogs out there!

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Havanese 101

This another fun video but it's about the amazing havanese! Please enjoy!

Coton De Tulear Dam Rollie             Coton De Tulear Dam Daisy 

Coton De Tulear Dam Pepper                        Havaton past litter

                                 Coton De Tulear past litter