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Pepper and Colonels puppies born 4/15/2022 Ready to go June 20th

Honey and ​Colonels first litter of Cotons born 4/16/2022 

They will be ready to go 6/20/2022

First puppy pictured is a male and he is available.

Second puppy is a male and is now sold.

Third puppy is a female and is available.

                                             Honey and Colonels puppies now ready to go.

                     Male                                            Female                                                Male

Colonel ( Stud )

This young stud is Colonel. He has been with us in our family for 4 years and going. He has a playful personality but also can be shy. He loves to be around kids, and loves his tummy pet. He is a protective of his lady. And a great dad to his pups! 

Daisy ( Dam )

Daisy has been in our family since she was a little pup. She will now be retired after these puppies go home. She has been a great mom to all her puppies. Out of all our females she is the most loving and joyful hearted out of them all. She loves to be praised and loved on. She is excellent with kids and cats as well. She is a joy and her puppies will forever carry her loving traits. 

Female Puppy ( SOLD )

The female on the red pillow has an amazing heart warming personality. She loves to balance on her hind legs when wanting attention and is the greatest joy to be around. She is definitely like her mum!  

Male Puppy 1 ( SOLD )

The two pictures of the right is an outstanding young pup. Who loves to play with his siblings and is mostly white body with black on the head, with a white nose !!!

 Male Puppy 2 ( SOLD )

Mostly black with adorable white paws. A hint of white around his nose. He takes after his dad

Male Puppy 3  ( SOLD )

Beautiful male puppy, mostly white with black around the eyes, ears and couple spots on his side. With a fun adorable white fluff on top of his head. He is a charmer!