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Why choose Price Kennel'​s?

      The journey began in 2016 when we brought Elsa "our Havanese" into our lives. We just barely had our new born girl at the time. We enjoyed watching our daughter and her play so well together. They were peas in a pod. We love Elsa fun, cheerful temperaments. Jarom my husband also having allergies to animals, never was bothered by her either. With the combination of how easy to train, great temperament, and hypo-allergenic, we wanted to share this same experience with others who may also have allergies to pets. We understand having kids who strongly want a dog, not being able to have one because themselves or someone in there family is simply allergic to dogs. 

       So we began our research! Where can we find another Havanese male to start our journey to spread the love of this wonderful breed with others. We at the time couldn't find another breeder of Havanese in the area except for one. They were a couple hours away and so we went for it. We met the ladies breeders and stumbled across the breed Coton De Tulear's . The lady educated us about them, and we immediately fell in love! We worked out a deal with her to trade Elsa's Havanese puppies with her Coton De Tulear puppies!

        That's where we got our first three Coton De Tulear puppies Daisy, Rolly, and Princess. We loved watching all three play together, the way they played tag with each other was priceless! The cuddles we would walk into each morning, them following us side by side everywhere we go. The best part of it all was how much they played with our kids and our cats. One big happy family. They make just the perfect companions! 

         So... What makes us different from the rest? We have been doing this for 5 years and counting. We live on 3 acre's, which  1 acre of it is grass, where the dogs and puppies can roam free. Our female mothers deliver inside our own home and have a bedroom dedicated to just them. Our dog's all live inside with us as well :) ! All our breeders take daily vitamins and premium food to keep them healthy and safe.  ​We send weekly pictures once to twice a week to the new owners of the puppies. Even pictures of momma as well and their father! They get tons of 1 on 1 time with their human friends. They get their deworming and shots in house, keeping them safe from parvo sickness. Which you get the shot and deworming records at the time of when you get your puppy. We believe that you should be able to have a stress free time when you get your puppy, so we include a puppy package. Which you get a crate, food, bowl, toys, collar leash and so on. So you can focus on your precious puppy when you get home. We have a 3 year health guarantee, so you can have security with your puppy. Also they don't go to there homes until there 9 to 12 week old depending on weight and size. We do this so they can wing properly from mom, eating on their own and so their strong and healthy before they go home. We answer any questions you may have so you can feel confident with your new one. They come with there AKC paper work as well and we will help guide you on how to register if you have any questions on that as well. For locals we even offer kenneling your puppy if you go on vacation trips for super cheap!!!  So your own dog doesn't get kennel cough and can be reunited with their family. Being able to also have so much more space to roam around and not be kenneled all day. 

          We are all about bettering the breed. Which that means we don't believe in line breeding. Making none of our dogs related to each other. We want you to be able to have the most healthiest puppy as possible and we feel like that is morally right as well. We take pride in what we do, and make sure all our dogs are each loved, know basic commands, get along with other animals, and of course kids! Which makes it great since our family is all hands on so they know from day one the experience of a kids love. Making the transition from our home to your home a good one. We love our dogs so much, and they get so much attention from us, and our little ones each and every day. They're our pride and joy. They are the best of companions, so if your elderly  they are great lap dogs, and there smiles will always warm your heart. For people with asthma or allergies they are the best for you, being that their hypo-allergenic. And once you see and hold them  you will never regret having them after! They will make memories for years to come with your family. 

          Please feel free to go to our contact section, so you can get a hold of us if you have anymore questions or concerns. Please check out The Breed section which has fun videos about information of the breed Havanese and Coton De Tulear. We are always updating our website of current litters and even past litters. So please enjoy and we are looking forward from hearing from you! God Bless !